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Except THIS One...

Because… With This Resource by my Side and Within a Short Amount of Time, I Would be Back Up And Running Again and Into The Success Zone Even Stronger and More Profitable Than Ever Before…

Ron G Holland
King Millionaire Maker

Dear Friend,

If you want to know about the single best resource that’ll help you rewire the software program in your brain so that you can - double, triple, even quintuple your income or more…

...something that can give you an endless flow of money-making ideas… something that have you become intensely fearless… enviably productive… and...

…give you security and certainty about your future from now on – and – is something you can learn to do in 4 to 5 hours (not in weeks, months or years) , then this letter will show you how.

Here's the story:

My name is Ron Holland and for 30+ years I’ve been teaching people in 32 countries how to knock out one stunning success after another in their business and entrepreneurial lives.  What has previously taken people years to figure out on their own, many with little to zero success, I’m able to help them in a matter of hours.

And the most interesting thing about their successes is not a specific money formula. Their success has come from one of my most important discoveries about programming the brain and the mind.

Incredibly great techniques and information. Just what I needed to get out of this funk.

John F Strano - Testimonial

The information contained in the audios are refreshingly devoid of wasteful words, no fillers and has been presented in a clear and original way.  I found myself nodding in agreement, and being pleasantly surprised and amazed by the information I am listening to, I've learnt new things.  I very much like the visual journey you take me on and so much of what you say makes absolute sense.  The missing piece to the puzzle.

Jennifer Davis - Testimonial

I love your materials. Very helpful.

John - Testimonial

You see, without these specific instructions I’m going to tell you about in this letter (instructions you can absolutely use for your own benefit) these people wouldn’t have enjoyed the tremendous success they have.  In fact, I myself wouldn’t have enjoyed the success I currently enjoy (and have done for some 40+ years) without using these incredibly powerful instructions.

Now I wish I could tell you the secret to rewiring the software in your brain is going to be cumbersome and complex and that it requires a PhD in neuroscience. Nothing can be further from the truth.

In fact, if you can picture yourself tying your shoelace or you can get a picture in your head right now of the layout of your living room, then you’re going to absolutely love the dynamic simplicity of what I want to share with you.

However, as simple and as straight forward as the whole process is, you’re going to need the specific know-how and the precise instructions that’ll create the type of results I know you’ve been working at achieving for a while, but… just can’t quite seem to reach just yet.

Am I right?

But don’t worry, because I’m going to show you exactly how to do this. Nothing will be left out. It’s dead easy. And I’m going to show you everything.

Now this priceless information and instruction is contained inside a specific resource, a resource I would plunge head first into if I was literally wiped out financially tomorrow. This is the one resource I would soak my brain up in until I was back on my feet again.

What The Media Says About Me...

"The incredible Ron G Holland, quite possibly the very greatest business  and self-development guru…"

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"...Leading Motivational Speaker"

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"The Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur"

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“King Millionaire Maker”

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Disclaimer: Results not typical. No guarantee you'll repeat results.

"Jedi Master of Wealth Creation"

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“Business Guru who practices what he preaches”

The People

Disclaimer: Results not typical. No guarantee you'll repeat results.

And please trust me when I say I’ve had many instances where business deals have gone pear shaped or where I’ve lost my confidence – and so what did I do?

I went right back to the instructions and insights I’m going to be telling you about that got me back into the success groove and doing what I do best.

Frankly, I’d be floundering without this valuable information. So would my many clients and students.

So let me tell you about this specific resource that I consider so valuable that if there was one resource I would fight a thief tooth and nail for, (they could steal anything else they could get their hands on, but this resource)…this would be it.

Here’s a little of what you’ll find inside this incredible resource...

(And note, just ONE idea, one technique, one strategy, one shift of thought or insight can trigger a revolution inside your mind that’ll lead to an avalanche of success for you…it’s true… just one… but… imagine what a handful of them can do for you!)

Thanks Ron. What a great audio have been listening all week any chance I've had. It has helped me re focus after several deals have failed for one reason or another. Best Wishes Dan

Dan Butcher - Testimonial

I started on the audios last night and spent much of the evening listening to them. Yes quite a lot of the information I have heard before, but a great deal I had not. It is the last part that is important. It has placed a great deal into context, which I had learnt from other teachers. Well worth it, I shall be listening to this several times to embed the information.

John - Testimonial

Very interesting book. Matches my expectation though I only skimmed through the videos. I'll take time to go through them in detail since they are in sync with the journey I'm on.

Douglas Oppong - Testimonial
  • The simple 2 step formula I’ve used in order to help many people – see the results I’m taking about mentioned throughout this letter) in all walks of life use to create unusual success they never thought possible. (Follow the simple instructions for this 2-step formula and yes… you too will start seeing fairly dramatic changes happening in your life.)
  • How to get ANY car you really want. (Specific instructions laid out for you. Nothing left out. Listen. Follow. Acquire.)
  • The resistless mind system technique you can follow and download into your bio-computer today to create your own stunning successes – it’s the exact system (though in no way explained or articulated in the way I’ll teach it to you)… that people pay thousands to go to a ‘professional’ for. I’ll show you how to be your own bio-computer programmer today where you can install this incredible software directly into your brain – I walk you through the EXACT steps to take so you’ll not put a foot wrong. This is the ultimate in brain and mind teaching instruction that you’ll wish you had much earlier in your life)
  • Why Michelangelo chipping away at the block of marble to create his masterpiece of David has got everything to do with you and your success (Don’t miss hearing the incredible insight that can revolutionise your thinking and how you see yourself from this moment onwards. And yes, a troubled self-image is the downfall of most , if not all people)
  • The 9 word formula which if you commit to memory and practice its instructions like you’ve never practiced anything before, will see untold riches and success come your way like never before.
  • (This formula is proven, it works and has done so for people like Edison, Getty, Onassis… and… it’ll work for you if you’ll let it)
  • Why your billions of cells are like a highly sophisticated army, waiting on standby for your ultimate command to guide and steer them in the direction of your goals and desires.
  • (Most people don’t instruct or feed their cells the right kind of information, guidance, images and instructions. You’ll know exactly how to do this)
  • Why the acronym YAWYHIYPS will be your guiding philosophy from now on and once you latch on to the absolute importance what’s in your PS system, you’ll be passionately driven to ensure that what’s contained in your PS system will only be of the utmost value to you.
  • How to be a top notch public speaker without ever having a public speech to your name. (Follow the exact way I did it and you too will soon be in demand as a speaker, commanding paying gigs and changing your life in the process).
  • How to click the switch in your brain that’ll have you start any business you want and have all the money you want show up in your account (Once you know what the switch is, where it is and how to click it to the ON position, you’ll enjoy a string of successes that wouldn’t have been possible for you in the past because of the switch being kept on the OFF position!)
  • The Chinese and German Lesson you must force feed your bio-computer if you want to achieve almost anything you put your mind to. (I’m absolutely certain when I say that if we were all given this specific instruction and insight much earlier on in life, we’d all be stacking up high amounts of success that would never stop. But that doesn’t matter because you can begin stacking up your own successes, beginning today!)


Concise and to the point. It works... if you work it

Mike - Testimonial

I am delighted to give this review in appreciation to the great message Ron brings via the audios and I do this from the bottom of my heart. Ron has brought to the fore,the cardinal truth and the secret behind sustained success to which only about 1% of the world population are custodians. I have had the privilege of listening to Ron’s audios and at this very moment, I have listened to, and continue to listen to Turbo Success with tremendous results. Ron, thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a gift to the entrepreneurial world!!!.

Sylvester Onwudiwe - Testimonial

All you need is only this product to reach your goals.

Zsolt - Testimonial
  • The Hammer Tool story that will help you eradicate “bad negative programming” of the past and how you can gain incredible clarity on the subject of your incredible mind like never before.
  • Why Neil Armstrong’s ‘Giant Step for Mankind’ sentence he uttered when he first set foot on the moon, wasn’t the most important sentence he uttered -- this particular sentence, was! (And, this secret sentence has such profound practical wisdom rooted in it that this sentence should be the success mantra for the whole world to follow. But it’s not, and that’s why someone like you can use this sentence as a powerful guidance tool to create whatever success you choose… for… the rest of your life!)
  • The secret technique Napoleon used to win all his battles, before ever setting foot on the battle field! (Apply this exact same technique and you too will conquer all your battles, overcome any obstacles, win all your challenges… before ever setting foot on the playing field)
  • The “self-destruct secret” that has someone achieving a certain level of success and yet, when they come crashing to the ground, they cannot repeat that same level of success again, no matter how hard they try. (The one thing they don’t know? Once you hear what the secret is, never you’ll never be in a situation where if you hit rock bottom, you won’t not know how to rise up again and get into the success zone once again)
  • How to master ANY skill using this extraordinarily simple, old school technique. (You don’t need a dozen ideas or strategies to help you excel in any skill you want to become great at – this one strategy will do it for you. And don’t believe what I say… you’ve got to put this to the test and you’ll marvel at its ‘magic’, also)
  • Why most people visualize their goals the wrong way and as such, never achieve the goals they set for themselves. (Do this ONE THING in your visualizations and you’ll create a successful outcome for almost any goal you want to achieve… any goal or desire that you’ve given up for good in the past.)
  • How to get the exact house you want by acting out this remarkably simple, yet powerful technique. (And you can follow the exact same steps if you want to achieve $1000 a month, $10,000 a month, $100,000 a month.)

As you’ve just read, there’s an incredible amount of useful and valuable information contained inside my most precious resource; one that’ll help you rewire your brain to help you lead a very successful life… from this moment onward.

My incredible promise to you is my Mind Power Riches audio program will be the only resource you’ll ever need to help you achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life… from this moment onward.

How can I make such a promise?

I can make such a bold promise because I’ve seen what the contents of this product can do, and has done… for thousands of people around the world.

This material is so valuable and so powerfully effective that in just 5 to 6 hours, you’ll have given your brain the rewiring and direction that most people will go to their graves never ever knowing about, let alone putting to work for their own high success.

In a few moments, I’m going to tell you how to get this priceless resource with ZERO risk on your shoulders.

Hi Ron. I read talk and grow rich decades ago. It was fantastic and help me to get ahead. Unfortunately I stopped using it. I am now in a desperate position of wanting to achieve, to see my goals manifest so here I am again. Turbo success has really inspired me to get back into achieving my goals, and to keep setting new goals. Thanks for my new life, again. Vj

Vj Bell - Testimonial

I am sincerely impressed. More people need to read this work. The simplicity of the explanations in this book is astonishing.

Orlin Michev - Testimonial

It is good to hear a different voice to the usual american voice you get with so many services. Thank you Ron, this has spurred me on to listen to more of your mentoring training. Every business owner should have a successful mentor to guide them through their business journey, and I am happy to have found you.

Ron Whitcher - Testimonial

Before that however, let’s find out a little more of what’s inside the Mind Power Riches program…

  • Why one business deal lost me hundreds of thousands of dollars and it set me back for several months, knocking the stuffing out of me. (Do this one thing first in your mind and you’ll never end up feeling like I did – broke, dejected and… as miserable as hell)
  • The one step you must absolutely take once you’ve reached or hit your most wanted goal or desire. (Skip this desperately important step and you’ll be on a downward spiral before you know what’s hit you.)
  • The one thing you must include in your bio-computer rewiring that make certain you’ll reach the goal you want. (Leave this part out and it’ll be the reason you won’t hit your goals with 100% bulls-eye accuracy.)
  • The valuable saying (or a version of it) you must employ everyday if you want your personal relationships to bloom and prosper. (Most take their personal relationships for granted; you won’t, once you hear how to turn your relationships into a deeply caring one using the simple technique outlined in the Mind Power Riches audio program).
  • The one thing you must include in your bio-computer rewiring that make certain you’ll reach the goal you want. (Leave this part out and it’ll be the reason you won’t hit your goals with 100% bulls-eye accuracy.)
  • The valuable saying (or a version of it) you must employ everyday if you want your personal relationships to bloom and prosper. (Most take their personal relationships for granted; you won’t, once you hear how to turn your relationships into a deeply caring one using the simple technique outlined in the Mind Power Riches audio program).
  • The 6-inch plank experiment that’ll set your mind on fire and have you on the path to achieving whatever goal you set for yourself. (Apply this unusual technique to any goal you want to make happen in the next 7 to 30 days and you’ll amaze yourself at the progress you make)
  • Why making a list of goals is only half the story to achieving the kind of success you want. (Majority of goal setting and motivation based books have sold you short on the goal list exercise – you’ll find out how you can turn your goal lists into a live, breathing entity that when the added missing piece to the goal puzzle is included, you’ll see the accomplishing and achieving of your goals to be nothing short of miraculous)
  • How to cure long standing migraines and headaches by using this special mind technique most doctors would rather you didn’t know because they get paid prescribing you tablet after tablet, medicine after medicine. (Please be warned; if you try to share this simple mind power technique to someone who has had a history of migraines and headaches, be prepared to have it thrown back in your face because of how simple the technique it is.

They’ll most likely want a complex solution because if their migraines and headaches couldn’t be solved with medicines, doctor intervention, other remedies and cures… how on earth can a simple shift of mind, fix them!)

  • The only real and safely natural way to lose weight, keep it off and have the body you’ve always wanted. (Listen to the exact process and apply the simple mind technique for yourself, or to anyone you know who wants a better body.)
  • How to break the procrastination (or fear) of ‘call reluctance’, by using this simple mind technique. (Never again be at the mercy of your own thoughts that are scaring you into being timid about talking to people about your project or goals. Master this technique and you’ll never ever have a communication problem again.)

They're an excellent reinforcement of the contents in a fantastic book 'Turbo Success'.

Siri - Testimonial

Wow, absolutely amazing, I loved every second of it.. I can't wait to get started with this! Thank you for enlightening me.

Theres - Testimonial

5 Stars  -  Hello Ron, Magnificent Programme ! Gave me real insights to the proper way to visualise. Activating the reticular activating system (RAS) found really important, and matching both sides of the brain for effectiveness. Brilliant. Shows us where we have been going wrong in our application. Would recommend your course to everybody ! Best Wishes Gregory Moverley

Gregory Moverley - Testimonial

Excellent programme!

Highly impressed. Thanks

Terence James - Testimonial
  • The only truly satisfying way to program your powerful mind and bio-computer to achieve almost any goal, desire or ambition that has eluded you in the past. (Not only will this technique seem scary to you at first because of how ridiculously fast it seems to work, it’s also very uncomplicated and simple to understand and apply)
  • Why telling your bio-computer to XXXXXXXX your income off into the XXXXXX, will ensure that you won’t hit your money goals. (This info is so vital that you can easily miss it and send your money into a deep black hole you’ll never get back again.

(This info is so vital that you can easily miss it and send your money into a deep black hole you’ll never get back again.

  • How to program your mind for accelerated money success... even if you don’t currently have a product or service to offer the marketplace. (Once you know and use this secret, you’ll be able to program your mind to achieve whatever money or income targets you want to hit… and… you can employ the exact same process to achieve anything you want, even if you think it’s currently impossible to achieve – dream job, extraordinary relationships, incredible fearlessness and courage, a holiday home, writing a book…)
  • The simple ‘game technique’ you’ll learn from master dealmaker and negotiator Aristotle Onassis so you too can be the best prepared person in any deal, negotiation, meeting, discussion, partnership or project. (Because… being super prepared – and it’s not at all difficult to be more prepared than anyone else, as you’ll find out - leads to a happy level of success you may have thought was beyond you. It isn’t!)
  • The specific thoughts and mental visualizations I specifically use in my mind that has me running multiple businesses by the seat of my pants – and all the while, knowing that my bio-computer is waiting at the ready, waiting to leap to my rescue if needed. (This process has NEVER failed me and you too can emulate the way I structure my mind to achieve never-ending success in your life… from this moment forward.)
  • How to harness the incredible precision and accuracy of missile torpedo technology to help you increase your performance level in any endeavor you want to excel in.
  • The 8-Letter F-word (no, it won’t get you banned or blackballed!) that’ll have you tweaking and refining your skills so you can quickly become a top notch performer in anything you want to get really good at.

(Most people miss, skip, even ignore this vital step when striving for excellence and success and that’s why they’re continually troubled and pained by their mediocrity. That for you, will now be a thing of the past.)

  • Why you need to boycott the “Film of Failure” that continually barges its way onto the screen of your mind as an uninvited guest. Being a 100% heckler and disrupter of this film and replacing it with your newly created blockbuster will literally transform who you are.
  • (Follow the steps that are outlined in crystal clarity and you’ll be shocked at how simple it is and… shocked at how much time you’ve wasted over the years by playing the same destructive movie… again and again and again.)
  • How to program your mind for incredible ongoing success, even if you think you haven’t had any significant success to date. (This whole notion halts many people dead in their tracks – literally cripples them from ever moving forward in a significant and meaningful way. But… it won’t stop you from now onwards)
  • Why you must deactivate your inner mind defense system that has stopped you from making any real forward progress in the past. Once you stop the energy and power from flowing to your judgmental conscious mind, you’ll be free and liberated to express yourself and achieve your goals like you’ve never done so before.
  • The one KEY mind instruction I helped install into a sportsman who was consistently 2nd, 3rd, 4th… but never… the CHAMP! … yet… who went on to become world champion at his chosen sport after my specific help. (Use this key insight that’ll immediately shift your thoughts and actions to having you ultimately becoming world champion at whatever skill, business or career equivalent you choose)
  • How I helped countless people overcome 20-30 years of negative programming, depression, fears, bad habits, and phobias (the kinds of things they thought they’d live with forever) … all because of this one powerful technique. (Please… I urge you to only use this technique for good outcomes and purposes because it really can cause utter devastation, destruction and chaos if used for the wrong purposes or reasons.)
  • How to program you internal bio-computer to create the kind of permanent, long-lasting success in your life you’ve always secretly craved for. (Why pay tens of thousands to others for this same information when you can be your own internal mind programmer and pay yourself all the money you want based on the results that will show up for you in your life because of your newfound success language)
  • The one audio message segment you might NOT want to hear because it goes against your sense of decency and morals… yet, the priceless summary of what you’ll hear is EXACTLY how you want to be creating your inner picture world for the success YOU want. (If you’re of a particular sensitive nature, then email me privately and I’ll tell you which segments to skip on the Mind Power Riches audio series)
  • How to create high performance behaviours that’ll awaken the sleeping giant inside of you do you can create the kind of success and results in your personal and financial life you’ve always said you would (The Mind Power Riches audios will push and motivate you as if I were by your side - coaching and instructing and guiding you to high levels of success)
  • The GOLDEN THREAD formula that’s deeply embedded inside the Mind Power Riches audio program that’s worth more to your upcoming success and quality of life than the cost of a 3 year MBA. (If you fancy investing 30K to 100k in a 3 year MBA, I’ll make a bet with you that if you give me your best friend and I’ll put them through this audio program, within 12 months they’ll be making more than you could make in your first year of passing your MBA.
  • Yes, whilst you’ll be in your 4th year – 3 years for your studies and then you’re out in the marketplace to secure your job, your friend would be, in that same time, having ZERO debt, earning more money than what you spent on your MBA, and will possess the GOLDEN THREAD mindset that will have them create whatever success they choose to create. There’s no better security and financial certainty than that. Are you willing to make that bet?)
  • How to be a public speaker they never said you’ll be. (An incredible technique that’ll excite you as well as drive you stark raving mad. That’s because you’ll find out how simple a process it is and… if you were told about this sooner, who knows the kind of success you would have enjoyed across all areas of your life, all because of you finding your true voice and expressing yourself without inhibition or fear… much earlier in life?)
  • The number one reason you need to give your brain a specific instruction for what you want to achieve or
  • Dramatic examples of why you don’t need money any money at all to launch a successful business. (Just the ideas here alone in the Mind Power Riches program can set you up for life if you act on them as quickly as you hear them. Wealth without capital is alive and kicking and doing very well the last time I checked. It’s time for you to get in on the action, also)
  • Why you’re just one solid gold idea away from multiple streams of income.

(HINT: one good idea can spawn multiple income streams. If you currently have a business or a service, then once you listen to this section, you can take advantage of this profitable concept… immediately.)

There’s so much valuable, life shifting, life altering information for you in the Mind Power Riches audios that you’ll want to play them back over and over again over the coming weeks and months.

But look, you can listen to the entire audio recordings in a 5 to 6 hour session and you’ll gain more insight and have more knowledge acquisition about how to program your brain and how you can use it to literally get and achieve whatever you want, more than almost any other resource out there..

Disclaimer: Results not typical. No guarantee you'll repeat results.

Can My Mind Power Riches Audio Program Turn You Into 6-Figure Earner,
A Millionaire or Give You Unbeatable Mind Power… Overnight?

I actually don’t know the answer to that question, and I’ll tell you why. The reason I don’t know the answer to that is because I really don’t know about your goals and your ambitions and your work ethic, I just don’t know any of that.

However, what I do know is that once you have my mind power riches audio program downloaded into your brain, and you keep on listening to the recordings so they are a total part of you, then anything is possible, for you, anything.

And I do know that if you wanted to have me privately coach you on this priceless material, you’ll literally be investing 100 times the price of these incredible audios for the same amount of time… yet… it would be an absolute bargain for you.

That’s because what you’ll have for your investment is a completely new operating system inside your mind, one you’ll be able to have it guide you and instruct you that’ll bring you one stunning success after another… for the rest of your life!

5 Star - These recordings have been great reminders to the power of the mind. I have done much work with this but can always use more help. Thank you for making these accessible to me at a small fee.

Raw Chef Wendy - Testimonial

5 Star - I've read lots of self-development books over the years and this is one of the best. It takes a very simple to understand idea, that is at the heart of how to get your subconscious on side in creating the life you'd choose to live, and explores it exhaustively from every angle until you understand it fully. I am using the technique described herein and already seeing some results, and will no doubt use some of these ideas for life. Highly recommended.

Andrew - Testimonial

5 Stars - I find that Ron G Holland's audios are the best and will be sharing throughout my groups over the coming days months and years

Simon Masters - Testimonial

5 Stars

Very enriching and I have not even finished the series.

Splendor - Testimonial

The great news for you is you that you won’t have to invest the thousands of dollars in private consulting fees for this powerful information. And that’s because your investment for the Mind Power Riches program is…





Could be worth: $1,000,000 to you!

5 Stars - Fantastic Work!


5 Stars - As a person who has consistently read material on the power of visualisation, goal setting and entrepreneurship, none have come close to such detail as Ron provides. I listened intently and was never left with an unanswered question throughout. This has been my first review on a personal development product in over 5 years and it is highly deserved. The content is worth far more value than what you pay for it and I am just grateful to have found it. Ron managed to make everything 'click' for me after all this time. Well done Ron!

Bertha Jonazi

5 Stars - Excellent-puts ideas across in a unique, refreshing, credible way.


5 Stars - Excellent books.

Moarieta Ientaake

I want this information to be available to those who can’t afford my private fees, yet, get the exact same information for less than 100X the cost.

The best part however is the fact that you can listen to these audios again and again and again and not have to pay a new fee each time, like you would in a personal consulting session.

For only $49.97 you’ll get my best material, my best thoughts, my best ideas and my best strategies to do with programming your personal bio-computer. It’s the very same information that has taken me 40+ years to accumulate, perfect and master and…

...has been shared in 32 countries with thousands changing their lives with this information – it’s that same kind of success that’s waiting for you to grab and run with.

And you lose NOTHING from listening to my Mind Power Riches Audio program… though… you’ve a whole lot to gain

Here’s my bold promise to you;

Take a full 60-days Trial Run

  • ...see if the Mind Power Riches audio program doesn’t affect you in the way you think about money and how much of it you can earn… see if the program doesn’t impact you in any number of ways… if it doesn’t have you thinking and acting in a way that you haven’t experienced before…
  • ...if it doesn’t have your mind flashing over numerous profitable ideas and strategies…if it doesn’t have you believing in yourself more than at any other time in your life... if it doesn’t fuel you with a feeling of certainty and security about the future… if people in your life can’t see the changes happening inside you and the new ways you’re able to make things happen…
  • …if you don’t experience any of that to be true… if you don’t believe any of that isn’t accurate, if you don’t believe that you’ll get more exciting ideas and revelations that’ll fuel you mind to drive you towards the kind of success you have always secretly thought you’ve always deserved… then… if that doesn’t happen for you, let me know and I’ll refund your money back with no questions asked. You pay nothing.

Trial the MPR Program…NOW

  • Look, I know what this special information and material has done for countless others and I know that if you give my Mind Power Riches program a fair try, you’ll gain plenty out of it also. I know you will. It just has to work for you. I’m putting my reputation on the line that this unique program absolutely does work for you.
  • Because, once you’re able to shift your mind and you’re able to feed and program your brain with a completely new success software and language (which this program will absolutely do for you) you’ll create a newer, fresher successful version of you that you won’t want to swap for anything.
  • And… you can begin that process today, tonight, this very moment. Experience what most in the world have been searching and looking for, for decades – a system for re-engineering their brains for creating whatever success they want.
  • The Mind Power Riches is your Ultimate Success Formula… and -- you can get to experience its power in the next few minutes.
  • Don’t throw away your opportunity to create the most incredible outrageous success in the amount of money you can earn… in the way your relationships are enjoyed… in the amount of success you’ll gain in your business or your career, in your ability to create ideas and income… on demand.
  • I urge you, don’t buy another book, another self-help guide, another set of instructions that promises to shift your mind and turn your world around, until you first listen to my Mind Power Riches audio program. That’s because my program flat out works, 100%. And if it doesn’t work out for you? You get your money back. You lose nothing. You’re out, nothing.

I’d sincerely love it if you were to prosper and thrive in a way you’ve never done so before. I dearly want you to benefit from the material on the Mind Power Riches Audio series and I would love to personally meet you and shake your hand because of the investment you’ve made in yourself and… the results I know you’ll achieve for yourself and for your family.

Warm regards,

Ron G Holland

Trial the MPR Program…NOW





Could be worth: $1,000,000 to you!

(PLEASE NOTE: I cannot be held responsible if you are continually up into the still of night, devouring everything you find in the Mind Power Riches product.

I cannot be held responsible if you are more in demand and engaged in exciting multiple projects because of your new mind software success system inside your bi-computer, leading you to much more success than you’ve ever enjoyed in the past.

I cannot be held responsible if you earn so much money that you’ll be confronted by many long forgotten ‘friends’ and relatives showing up on your doorstep asking for a share of your ‘winnings’.

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Disclaimer: Results are not typical, there's no guarantee that you will repeat the above results.

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